Delivery of goods from Turkey. Warehouse address in Turkey.

Adi Soyadi: FULL NAME2255 (2255 is cargo, it is necessary to add to any column in the name or surname)

Sehir: Istanbul

Ilce: Fatih

Adres: Ihtisap Agasi Sokak 10 (Mesihpasa)

Posta Kodu: 34130

Tel: +905393948896

Delivery of packages from the USA

LLC “Camex Int” carries out the transportation of parcels from the USA to Kazakhstan, in cooperation with the partner company Camara Trading Corporation LLC, registered in the USA. Use of the services of LLC “Camex Int” can be done by any individual and legal entity that will be registered on the company's website. You can register for free at Using the services of LLC Camex Int means that the registered person is familiar with the terms of the Agreement and accepts them.


Exclusive offer

Customers of "Camex Int" can make purchases even from those sites that do not send goods to the addresses of intermediaries. Here is a partial list of these stores:
Send the link with the selected product to and pay the cost of the product.
Our commission when ordering is 0%

Customs procedures

Parcels arriving at the airport of Kazakhstan will undergo customs inspection. The information specified in the declaration is processed at customs, therefore the information must be indicated in a timely and correct manner to avoid failures and misunderstandings. For the customs services of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an invoice and an identity card are required.

Parcels not declared on time, as a rule, are delayed at customs in order to establish additional information, which complicates the process and extends the delivery time of the parcel.

Courier service

Courier service is provided within Almaty, the day after the start of the delivery of parcels. To do this, you need to contact our managers and pre-arrange the payment form, address and delivery time.

Personal account

Using your personal account you can

  • track package location
  • declare a parcel
  • replenish your own balance and pay the cost of transportation

Receiving parcels in Kazakhstan

Parcels are issued in Kazakhstan from Monday to Friday. Parcels are sent to the regions of Kazakhstan the day after the arrival of cargo in Almaty.

You can see the office hours on the Contact page.

“Camex Int” is not responsible for the delay in parcels related to force majeure or holidays, which the user will be notified in advance using the company website or e-mail.