About company

The company «Camex Int» carries out the transportation of parcels from the United States of America to Kazakhstan, in cooperation with the partner company Camara Trading Corporation LLC, registered in the United States.

«Camex Int» - is a reliable company with vast experience in international freight transport. We cooperate with the most experienced cargo airlines such as Cargolux Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Ukrainian Airlines.

The success of our company depends on customer feedback on the quality of our services. The main principle of "Camex Int" is an honest and trusting relationship with the consumer, supported by the proper performance of obligations on our part.

«Camex Int» offers an effective and affordable way to get the desired product without leaving your home. And the discounts and promotions that our company constantly holds will save your money and time during online shopping.

Any natural person and legal entity that passes registration on the company's website can use «Camex Int» services, registration is free.